The SAC and Balearic culture: a cradle of influences carried by the tide

The Balearic Islands are so much more than one of the top tourist destinations in the Mediterranean: they are a hotbed of creativity, art, music and gastronomy; a paradise with a spellbinding landscape.

The archipelago brims with diversity and each island has its own character and history, in addition to monumental cultural heritage that is a sign and testament to all the cultures who have arrived at our shores.

For many years now, the Cultural Activities Service (SAC) has promoted culture in the awareness that it leads to progress and knowledge. The service is a firebrand and engine for cultural life in the academic community. 

The Cultural Activities Service: bolstering cultural life at the UIB

The SAC exists to provide all types of artistic and creative attractions for the academic community, and society as a whole. It does not just promote culture but rather gets involved in producing projects at the university itself. As students, you will find us to be a service that values and spotlights your ideas and events. A good example of this is the University of the Balearic Islands Youth Orchestra.

The SAC's services focus around:

  • Producing its own projects, particularly with a view to achieving recognition for minority cultural undertakings
  • The educational and cultural offering created by the university
  • Promoting different forms of cultural expression, whether these come from the university itself (science, education, art...) or are created by individuals outside of the institution
  • Collaborating with organisations and institutions that are also dedicated to cultural promotion and production, both in terms of using spaces and the joint production of shows and activities.

Visit the Cultural Activities Service website.

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