The UIB Art Collection: a Cultural Legacy from the Islands around the University

The rich and varied eclectic culture of the Balearic Islands has been shaped by influences from around the Mediterranean that have arrived on our shores throughout the centuries and contributed to our way of being and seeing the world. 

Here at the UIB—your university—we offer you a taste of Balearic Island culture with over 200 works on display both inside and outside the university's buildings.

Most of the artists on display are from the islands or have a special bond to them, with the pieces often suggesting a Mediterranean character through colours, landscapes, light, history...


A Graphic Tour of the Works in the Palm of your Hand

In 2019, and in celebration of its 40th anniversary, the University of the Balearic Islands organised an exhibition and published the book, Forty Years and Five Centuries: the University of the Balearic Islands Art Collection.

Would you like to discover the artistic legacy hanging on the walls of the university? Then head to the UIB Art Collection website and let your imagination run wild!