Postgraduate studies at the UIB: three success stories

Learning, training and research continue after undergraduate studies at university. Postgraduate programmes enable dozens of students to specialise in their field and acquire the necessary and specific skills to succeed in the job market. Three UIB graduates talk to us about their postgrad experiences and outcomes.

'Studying for a master's allowed me to change jobs and continue my personal and professional development. I am hugely satisfied'

Romina Acocella took the Master's in Accounting and Auditing at the UIB. 'My postgrad experience was hugely positive. On a personal level, it has enabled me to broaden the knowledge I had attained through professional experience and on the law and economics degree I studied at the UIB', she states. 'The most positive aspect of postgraduate studies is the focus on the job market, enabling you to learn from real-world case studies', she adds.

In terms of the impact of having a postgraduate qualification in the professional marketplace, Acocella explains that she studied for a master's with a view to gaining the necessary tools for a better career. 'It has allowed me to change jobs and continue my personal and professional development. Having the degree makes you better prepared for the job market. Today, having a quality postgrad qualification is highly valued. I am hugely satisfied with the results from taking the course', she asserts.

'Thanks to the UIB postgraduate course, I am currently contracted as a doctor-researcher at a renowned research centre'

Catalina Amadora Pomar Oliver studied biology and biochemistry, and went on to take a Master's and PhD in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition. 'I view my experience as positive. From a professional standpoint, it has given me the chance to continue in the research sphere; and personally, I have acquired independence and critical thinking', highlights Pomar, who is currently contracted as a doctor-researcher at the Spanish Biomedical Research Centre in Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBEROBN).

'The personal growth from doing postgrad studies goes beyond just academic attainment'

Sebastià Galmés Monroig studied a Master's and PhD in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition with an international mention. 'The experience was really good. The five years it took for me to get my master's and PhD enabled me to mature professionally.' Galmés continues to be associated with the same group where he undertook his PhD programme. 'I have also seen personal growth thanks to the huge personal learning curve.'

'The postgraduate programmes gave me the chance to apply for and win a four-year grant as a predoctoral researcher on the master's and a contract at a UIB-linked firm during my PhD', he concludes.

Romina, Catalina and Sebastià’s recommendations:

Romina: 'I highly recommend this postgrad since it is a great tool for professional and career growth, and a way to broaden your knowledge. Moreover, the lecturers during the course and the placements at major companies are fantastic professionals.'

Caterina: 'I would recommend the UIB postgraduate programme as it provides a way to continue your training and specialise in the research area that you most enjoy, as well as offering job opportunities.'

Sebastià: 'I think the personal growth you see from postgraduate studies goes beyond just academic attainment. In my experience, postgraduate studies enable you to find job opportunities that fit better with your training.'


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