The University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) aims to facilitate the access to information in its website. This way, any user, regardless of his or her capacities and his or her technological means, can have access to the information exposed here. Currently, most sites meet a double AA level, following the standards at Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) by World Wide Web (W3C).

The University of the Balearic Islands is aware of the difficulty to assure the complete compliance of the law. However, the UIB applies all efforts and all possible resources to achieve a higher level of accessibility.

Most significant improvements regarding accessibility

  • To include alternative texts to images, if necessary.
  • Headings are used to transmit the structure of the information.
  • The institutional website maintains a homogeneous navigation.
  • The information concerning the website if offered by sitemap and “Index AZ”.
  • All sites contain semantic information which contributes to the content search by the search-engine (Meta information).
  • The technologies used to create the sites are HTML 4.0 transactional, CSS2 and the non-intrusive javas script, if necessary. The website fulfills the formal grammars which define these technologies.

Structure of the website and navigation

The UIB website is structured in different sections. A hospitable University, Study at the UIB, Research, We transfer know-how, Contact us. These sections are shown as tabs in every heading of all websites.

Where am I?

The trace guides the user to the route which locates the current site in relation with the rest of the web contents.

Web map

The web map shows the main structure of the UIB website. It is another way of access to its sections and subsections.


All pages have a heading (title of the content, framed in a box in the central part) which indicates its topic and content. Headings used in later levels are used to define the different subsections. These headings follow the standards defined by W3C.


The tables included in the University website are used only and exclusively to introduce tabular data. In any case, tables will not be used to resent information in a determined form or style.