1. Our prestigious and renowned reputation

We rank among the top five Spanish universities for innovation, technological development and research quality, as well as being in the global top ten for tourism research and amongst the top eight for teaching quality and innovation. We also coordinate the “Euro-Mediterranean Tourism & Water” campus of international excellence.

2. Our ties to society

We have very close links with the islands’ local populations. Indeed, in 2013 we were rated as being the fourth most appreciated institution on the islands, after law enforcement bodies and NGOs.

3. We take care of you from day one

Our main aim is for you to become part of the big family of WE ARE THE UIB. We are able to do this thanks to our lecturers and students, and will be at your side from day one.

4. We keep in close contact

Thanks to the university’s size and its philosophy, close direct contact with all UIB staff is a reality. Our classes do not have huge numbers of students and you will have close dealings with lecturers with whom it is easy to get in contact to clear up problems or make suggestions. Through our university chairs and agreements with public and private bodies, we also enjoy close ties to society at large.

5. We find you a home

We have a hall of residence on the campus itself (just opposite the sports facilities) which costs half the price of halls found in Madrid or Barcelona. Nevertheless, if you prefer to live off campus, the UIB has an Accommodation Service to assist you in finding a new home.

6. Our sports facilities

We have a modern, fully-equipped sports centre where you can choose from numerous different sporting activities and even take a dip in the indoor pool. Moreover, there is no need to worry about chlorine allergies as we have replaced our filtering system for one that protects skin’s pH whilst keeping the water at a constant 28 degrees.

7. We support you throughout your time here

At the UIB, assistance is not just limited to welcoming you to the university. If you come from another university, our International Relations Office will be at your side throughout your entire stay at the UIB. You will never feel alone.

8. We are multilingual

At the UIB, we promote classes in different languages. Our subjects are taught in Catalan, Spanish or English, and they all have the same number of ECTS credits, whatever the language of instruction.

9. We teach you languages

Our Language Service offers courses in different languages with an emphasis on excellence. Classes are taught in a dynamic, practical and effective way so that you quickly make progress without too much effort.

10. Our teaching is interactive

We offer superior study programmes, where placement training is included. We strive to offer an innovative style of education where you form an active part of the learning process.

11. We transfer know-how to society at large

The studies and research that we conduct do not remain inside our laboratories. Our lecturers and researchers contribute to general social wellbeing by transferring the know-how that they generate at the UIB to society. This also means that the education and training that we provide match professional reality.

12. We are a high-tech university

'Campus Extens' is a pioneering platform in the application of new technologies to teaching, as well as ensuring that we are efficiently connected to our Minorca and Ibiza centres. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the entire campus and laptop connection points.

13. Our natural environment

The UIB campus is located at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, an area declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, as well as being just a few kilometres from Majorca’s finest beaches. Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera also enjoy an average of 300 sunny days per year, ensuring a wide assortment of open-air cultural activities.

14. We are easily accessible

The UIB has excellent transport links to the whole of the archipelago. In Majorca, the university has a bus and underground service with good timetables and frequencies.

15. We are connected to the rest of the world

Majorca’s international airport is 15 minutes from the UIB campus, with similar distances between Minorca and Ibiza airports and our university centres there. Europe’s top cities are just over three hours away.

16. We are eco-friendly

We aspire to have a healthier campus as each day passes. To achieve this, we start out by seeking to ensure the excellence of all our catering services and by promoting the use of bicycles both on campus and as a means of travelling to the city, thanks to the bicycle lane that connects us to Palma. In addition, we have technology recycling programmes and a bird-watching station.

17. We want to share this experience with you

The UIB has over 1,000 lecturers and researchers and 500 people who form part of our administrative and maintenance teams. All of them strive to contribute to your learning process and to offer you a teaching experience that stands out for its excellence.

18. We help you to forge a future career

Our support is not just restricted to the classroom. We will also be at your side when you have to take that next step into the professional world. We offer a choice of grants or collaboration projects, plus an Employment Service to help you on your path.

19. We are international

You will see this for yourself when you meet UIB students and lecturers. Moreover, we offer you the chance to continue your studies. Our grants, exchange programmes and volunteer work can help you to continue learning with the guarantee of excellence.

20. We want to grow alongside you

First you will take an undergraduate degree, then perhaps a postgraduate or master’s course and even a PhD. We also offer an extensive continuous learning programme, allowing you to attend summer courses or even to return to university in later life.


This is our identity: a close-knit community. From the moment you decide to study with us or carry out research here, you become one of us. WE ARE THE UIB: a big family that strives day-by-day to ensure a fantastic present and better future for everyone. And you play a fundamental role in this.