Experience the UIB with emotional wellbeing

Your university experience is much more than just going to class and passing exams. Socialising, rounding your personality or daily campus life are elements that will mark your future and those around you. This is why here at the Office for Healthy and Sustainable University at the UIB (OUSIS) we have set your emotional wellbeing as our goal.

Learn about the most important subject: yourself

Acquiring social skills such as effective communication, prosocial activities, assertiveness or empathy are key in this important life stage. We can help you to acquire these skills in courses and workshops.

We provide resources for you to become aware of your own emotions and those of others, and know how to identify them; and learn to regulate emotions appropriately by applying suitable strategies, such as relaxation, deep breathing or sense of humour.

In order to get along with your fellow students, it's best to get along with yourself.

Start working on yourself through OUSIS activities

Programmes and projects

The campaign ‘A Healthy Message for a Common Goal’, supported by the Spanish Network of Healthy Universities, also includes the importance of emotional wellbeing.