Sports Activities at the UIB

With a view to encouraging physical and sports activity, the UIB provides the academic community with a range of open-air spaces and sporting facilities around the campus.

The UIB has a circuit for open-air leisure and sporting activities with a football pitch, a volleyball network, a calisthenics park, circuit training and an orienteering circuit. There are also sports micro-spaces with ping pong tables and materials for students to use during their down time.

Moreover, it offers you the chance to use the CampusEsport facilities at low rates, which offers a selection of different spaces (swimming pool, fitness room, pavilion, outdoor tennis and paddle tennis courts, grass pitches and fitness classes) and activities (athletics, swimming, instructor-led classes, excursion programme, etc.).

In its commitment to the wellbeing and health of the academic community, the OUSIS runs the following campaigns.

PACU: we offer a free consult assessing physical fitness and exercise regimes for all members of the academic community.