Sports and the university: we ensure your success with academic regulations for high-performance athletes

Sport should never be a negative factor for the academic, professional and personal future of our students. This is why the UIB has set up a specific comprehensive plan for everyone whose day-to-day represents sacrifice and achievement. We believe in a university based on sports; we believe in social and labour integration for those who give their all.

A university committed to sport and your personal, professional and occupational development

The Higher Sports Council (CSD) and the Conference of Spanish University Vice-Chancellors (CRUE) have signed a baseline agreement that states each Spanish university may develop its own regulations for high-performance athletes.

This provides the opportunity to develop regulations that take into account aspects such as:

All high-performance athletes at the UIB will have an assigned degree tutor to deal with all their specific issues. We take into account schedule changes, balancing curricular placements and the special circumstances that may arise around examinations.

The UIB is sport. All the facilities comprising the healthy campus will be open to high-performance athletes. We ensure free access for them to develop their skills at the university in the best hands possible.

We are working on specific grants for high-performance athletes and an employability plan to enable a future to be plotted out that takes advantage of sporting abilities and helps in finding employment, training and specific entrepreneurship for these individuals.

Study at the UIB: how to do it as a high-performance athlete

If you are considering combining your university studies with a high-performance sports programme, you need to know that you will have full support based on academic regulations created just for you.

Would you like to find out how to apply for your degree place as a high-performance student?

You will need to apply for admission to degree programmes through the method that best fits your situation, whether you have a high school diploma, equivalent vocational qualifications or other titles:

1. Go to the UIB degree listings.

2. Find out about the admission criteria.

3. Pre-enrol, taking into account said admission criteria. You will need to accredit your high-performance athlete status with a certificate or supporting documentation.

4. Get your place and register. Welcome!