Learn, meet people and carry the Balearics home with you through language

The Mediterranean Sea is home to one of the widest selections of biodiversity on the planet. Its water surrounds us and brings cultures together which, throughout history, have defined our particular way of being.

Our language is also a reflection of the immense rich cultural heritage that inspires us to move forward and progress every day. 

Our aim is for you to discover the cultural and linguistic reality of the islands

You have surely noticed that different languages live in harmony at the UIB, creating an ideal setting to enrich your learning and really get to know the magic of everyday life here. The Language Policy Coordination Unit is a university body that promotes the Catalan language, individual language skills and multilingualism across different academic areas, with a particular focus on English as the international language of communication. 


In this way, alongside the Language Policy Commission and the Language Service, the UIB aims to get you up-close and personal with the native language of thousands of our students.


Language Exchanges

And what about overseas students? We put in a lot of effort with our language partners programme. The pairs comprise one student from overseas and a local student who meet every so often (wherever and as often as they like) to enjoy a language exchange, i.e. one provides their knowledge of Catalan and the other their skills in their native language.


The programme is hugely enriching as, in addition to introducing overseas students to the cultural and linguistic reality of the islands, it fosters foreign language learning amongst local students. Everybody's a winner!


See what we can do for you at the Language Policy Unit and through our Language Partners: <https://pl.uib.cat/>.


We provide an exclusive e-mail for any queries regarding language use at the university: <bustia.usos.linguistics@uib.cat>.

Continue learning with our Catalan courses

We can help you to learn modern languages and, when you finish your stay at the UIB, you can take back language skills that will open up job opportunities, as well as your perspective on the wider world.


The Language Service offers semester-long 60-hour Catalan courses at A1, A2, B1 and B2 level, in the mornings and afternoons, on the university campus and at the Sa Riera building in Palma. Moreover, the A1 courses are especially targeted at exchange students and worth six ECTS credits.