The UIB campus

The Campus is located in a rural setting between the Palma districts of Son Espanyol and Sa Garriga. Spanning a total area of almost 100 hectares, 52 of them will form part of a nature reserve in accordance to the soon-to-be instated Special Plan. Within this reserve is an Area of Special Interest (ANEI) along the north-western boundary which is known as the foothills of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The terrain is overall a gently sloping countryside. However, aside from the thalweg which is the lowest elevation (80m) on campus and corresponds to the old pond of the Font de la Vila wetlands, the campus halls are located on level ground. The surrounding rural zone has a slight slope from its maximum altitude (107 m) on the extreme north-eastern border of the campus, and forms the outlying borders of the wetlands.

Location of the UIB campus