UIB experience

Activitats d'informació Academic Information and Guidance Activities
We offer a set of activities to guide you through the different pathways you may follow. Your future at the UIB and Lifelong Learning - UIB.

Assessorament PsicològicMental Wellbeing and Educational Counselling
Do you need mental wellbeing counselling or educational guidance? These can be found through PROAP-UIB.

InformàticaChildhood Mental Wellbeing Counselling
If you would like to enquire about childhood psychopathologies or learning difficulties, please contact the UAPI.

Atenció personalitzadaPersonalised Service and Advice
If you need information, academic counselling...  Come and see the Student and Academic Management Service (SAGA) for help!

There is a notice board where you can find information on grants for students and/or graduates.

 Motor People with Special Needs
The Support Office for People with Special Needs promotes awareness at the UIB, removing architectural barriers, communication barriers, etc.

mobilitatMobility Programmes
We can help you attend courses overseas. We offer you the chance to take part in courses at other universities around the world or gain work experience in developing nations.

Sindicatura de GreugesOmbudsman
A body charged with defending and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of all members of the academic community.

treballJobs Notice Board
Are you looking for work? Check out the current openings at the DOIP and the job opening announcements.

anuncisNotice Board
You can search and place ads on the UIB website: books, transport, activities, award applications, grants...