Transport to the CAMPUS from...

The University of the Balearic Islands is on the Valldemossa road, 7.5 km from Palma. The cheapest way to reach the campus is by bus or underground.


The no. 19 bus connects Palma to the UIB. During term time, on average there is a bus every 10 minutes. The fare is cheaper if you buy a special bus pass or a Tarjeta Ciudadana (Citizen’s Card).

There are also inter-urban buses that run between the UIB and other municipalities in Mallorca.


 Underground trains

The no. 1 underground line links the centre of Palma to the campus. It leaves from Plaza de España and the last stop is the UIB, so you can’t miss it. It takes 13 minutes to cover the whole route and there is a train every 15 minutes during the rush hour.



There is a bike lane from the city to the UIB campus and so you can reach the campus by bike. You can also put your bike on the Palma underground train and bring it to the campus.



Take the MA-1110 road to Valldemossa. The UIB is 7.5 kilometres from Palma.



 On foot

Although it is on the outskirts of the city, the UIB campus can be reached on foot via Secar de la Real.