Degree in Hotel Management

240 credits - University School of Hotel Management of the Balearic Islands

Degree data and benchmarks

Data updated on November 15th 2019.



Data and description

Preregistered 77
New 56
SIIU New 38
Registered 57
Graduates 0

New students: these students are starting their studies from the beginning for the first time. They may have recognised credits or not.

New SIIU students: these students are starting their studies from the beginning, registering on a programme for the first time and, in accordance with SIIU criteria, may have fewer than 10 credits (for a Master's) or 30 credits (for an undergraduate programme) recognised. This set of students may also be referred to as the optimum new entry group. 

Registered students: these students have an active registration on a programme for an academic year. This set of students may also be referred to as the total student population.

  • Registration reservations are not included (due to the students awaiting a place at another university or credit recognition)
  • Registration cancellations are not included
  • Students with unpaid debts are not included

Graduates: these students have passed (passed or accredited) all credits required for the degree programme and have, therefore, finished their course regardless of whether they have requested their degree certificate be issued or not.

Credits Taken and Passed


Data and description

Degree Success Rate 82%
Performance Rate 77%

Success rate: the percetage ratio between the number of passed credits and the number of credits taken for assessment.

Performance rate: the percentage ratio between the number of credits passed and the number of credits registered for.

Who directly oversees the quality of the degree programme?

Quality Assurance Commission

Quality Manager
  • Joan Roca Moll
Teaching and Research Staff
Admin and Services Staff
  • Joana Pons Nicolau
  • Sasmita Martín Ortigosa


The Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ) gathers all of the information regarding the degree programme (survey reports, data, statistics, complaints, suggestions, etc.) and analyses them. You can see the regulations and duties of the Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ).

La qualitat a l'Escola Universitària d'Hoteleria

Accountability and transparency

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Procedure Document Date/Year
Verification BOE(Official State Gazette) Curriculum 05/08/2019
Verification Official university degree statement 02/07/2018
Verification Final verification report 02/07/2018