Master's Degree in Teacher Training

Academic year 2024-25

You can also consult this information for the academic year 2023-24.

Who oversees the quality of the degree programme?

Quality Assurance Commission

The CGQ is the body responsible for ensuring the quality of official degree programmes, as well as their effective implementation, management and coordination in the framework of the UIB's SGIQ (Catalan). It is in charge of analysing, monitoring and supervising results and students’ learning process based on the most relevant data and benchmarks, and information gathered from satisfaction surveys, suggestion/complaint forms, etc. submitted by different stakeholders. For further information, please see the CGQ's regulations and responsibilities (Catalan).

Quality Responsable
Admin and Services Staff
Patricia Alcover Pascual
Hayat El Kammouni El Kammouni

Commitment to quality

A statement whereby the quality assurance supervisor for the master's programme sets out theircommitment to quality and ongoing improvement in the performance of their duties.

Suggestion/complaint form

The university has a complaints, suggestions and congratulations procedure in place, as part of the SGIQ internal quality assurance system. The procedure enables you to submit your opinion on any issue relating to the activities and operation of our centres and qualifications.

Procedures for handling and revising incidents, complaints, and suggestions

Suggestion/complaint form

Planning improvement measures

All improvement actions proposed by the CGQ in the framework of the different monitoring and assessment procedures (verification, monitoring and accreditation renewal) are included and formalised in the degree programme improvement plan (PdM). In addition, the CGQ is responsible for periodically reviewing and updating the PdM.

Accountability and transparency

The Registry of Universities, Centres and Titles (RUCT) provides the most relevant information on the universities, centres and degree programmes in the Spanish university system, and lists official Bachelor's, Master's and PhD degrees. In addition, the RUCT is a public and administrative registry that is continuously updated. See the link below for available information on the degree programme in the RUCT:

Access to the Register of Universities, Centres, and Degrees (RUCT)

In order to be accountable to society at large and comply with the requirements set out in the national regulatory framework (RD 822/2021 [Spanish]) and directives in the European Higher Education Area, all official programmes (Bachelor, Master and PhD) are subject to three assessment phases: verification, monitoring and accreditation. All official documentation arising from each procedure is listed below: