Degree in Primary Education

240 credits - Faculty of Education

 This degree programme is currently being phased out, and therefore no new students shall be admitted. From the academic year 2022-23 onwards, the new Double Degree in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education (2022 syllabus) will be available at the Minorca and Ibiza & Formentera sites.

Duration 4 years / 240 credits
Mode In-Person Classes
Public price per credit, 1st registration: ¤15.63, ¤36.02, ¤77.97, ¤108.05 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th enrolment respectively. (*)
Total cost of the first enrolment in the first year: ¤978.99 (*) (**)

(*) Prices for the academic year: 2023-24
(**) Total cost of the first enrolment in the first year, including taxes, for EU members under 28 years of age without any special condition:

The main objective of this study programme is to train future teachers who will work in the primary schooling system.

The Degree in Primary Education is one of the programmes included in RD 1393/2007 of 29th October, Chapter III, Art. 12.9, as it qualifies graduates to work in a regulated professional activity in Spain. The conditions it fulfills are set out in the Resolution of 17th December 2007 from the Secretary of State for Universities and Research and Order ECI/3857/2007 of 27th December whereby the requirements for verification of official university titles that qualify graduates for Primary School Teaching are established. It is, therefore, an essential degree in order to work as a teacher of children aged 6-12 in the Spanish education system.

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Social and Legal Sciences

Head of Studies: Sara Bagur Pons

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