Degree in English Studies

240 credits - Faculty of Philosophy and Arts

Work Placements

Six elective credits may be awarded for work placements.

Second Language and its Literature I and II

Students will be able to choose from German, French and Portuguese to take the first and second year subjects Second Language and Its Literature I and II. The same language shall be taken for both levels.


Total available credits: 318 credits
Third year
Name Type Credits Period
21815 - English Language V Mandatory 6,0 1st semester
21816 - Understanding English Grammar I Mandatory 6,0 1st semester
21817 - English Literature II: Romantics and Victorians Mandatory 6,0 1st semester
21818 - Cultural Insights into the English-Speaking World II Mandatory 6,0 1st semester
21819 - English Language VI Mandatory 6,0 2nd semester
21820 - Understanding English Grammar II Mandatory 6,0 2nd semester
21821 - Literatures of The United States of America Mandatory 6,0 2nd semester
21822 - Applications of English Linguistics and ICT Mandatory 6,0 2nd semester
Fourth year
Name Type Credits Period
21823 - English Language VII Mandatory 6,0 1st semester
21824 - English Pragmatics and Discourse Mandatory 6,0 1st semester
21825 - English Literature III: The Long 18th Century Mandatory 6,0 1st semester
21826 - English Language VIII Mandatory 6,0 2nd semester
21827 - Origins and Development of the English Language Mandatory 6,0 2nd semester
21828 - English Literature IV: From the Origins to Shakespeare Mandatory 6,0 2nd semester
21829 - Final Degree Project Final Degree Project 6,0 2nd semester