PhD in Education

Academic year 2024-25

Branch of Knowledge Social and Legal Sciences
Certification UIB coordinator Dr. Josep Vidal Conti
Tuition and admin fees per academic year ¤275.60 (*)
Places 20
Teaching language
Catalan and/or Spanish and/or English, although the PhD thesis may be written in other languages which are widely used within the scientific community.
Shortcuts to

(*) Per academic year

The PhD in Education programme aims to train researchers to a high level of professional specialisation, providing special focus on research methodology and techniques in education, and culminating in a doctoral thesis.

Doctoral studies also intend to consolidate the range of foci and approaches, as well as the balance between core and applied research, to create a rich intellectual atmosphere required for quality doctoral research.

This programme leads to the award of a PhD.


Composition of the Academic Committee

Josep Vidal Conti
Eva María Aguilar Mediavilla
  • Francisca Comas Rubi
  • Maria Antònia Manassero Mas
  • Francisca Salvá Mut
  • Jaume Sureda Negre
  • Carmen Touza Garma

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