Master's Degree in Human Resource Management. Psychological and Pedagogical Intervention

Academic year 2024-25

You can also consult this information for the academic year 2023-24.

To be awarded the degree, 60 ECTS credits must be passed as follows:

30 ECTS from mandatory subjects.

15 ECTS from elective subjects as follows:

If you wish to take a specialisation, 10 elective ECTS credits must be taken from the selected speciality, plus a further 5 ECTS from electives in another specialisation or from the common electives that do not pertain to any specialisation.

If you do not wish to take a specialisation, the 15 ECTS credits may be selected from all electives available on the master's programme.

8 ECTS from External Placements.

7 ECTS from the Master's Thesis.

First year
Name Type Credits Period
11026 - Master's Thesis Master's Dissertation 7,0 2nd semester
11027 - Practical Placements External Academic Placements 8,0 2nd semester
10712 - Human Resource Planning and Managing Processes Mandatory 5,0 1st semester
10720 - Uses and Abuses of Statistics Mandatory 5,0 1st semester
10721 - Introduction to Data Mining. Extraction of Hidden Information in Data Mandatory 5,0 1st semester
10722 - Psychometric Techniques in Validating Constructs Mandatory 5,0 1st semester
11023 - Creating and Managing Working Groups Mandatory 5,0 1st semester
11024 - Planning and Management of Training Mandatory 2,5 1st semester
11025 - Training Needs Analysis Mandatory 2,5 1st semester
10687 - Gender, Work and Education Elective 5,0 2nd semester
10552 - Social Behaviour in Public Healthcare Organisations Elective 5,0
10557 - Training in Social and Communication Skills for Health Professionals Elective 5,0
10716 - Introduction to Economy Elective 1,5

 Direction and Management of Work Teams
  • Mallorca

Direction and Management of Work Teams
Name Credits Period
10723 - Processes, Strategies and Techniques Involved in Team Performance 5,0 2nd semester
10724 - Intervention in Team Conflicts and Negotiation 5,0 2nd semester

 Management of Educational Centres and Training of Trainers
  • Mallorca

Management of Educational Centres and Training of Trainers
Name Credits Period
10725 - Teacher Trainer Profile, Competencies and Functions 2,5 2nd semester
10726 - The Teacher Trainer Profession 2,5 2nd semester
10727 - Management Functions 2,5 2nd semester
10728 - Pedagogical Functions 2,5 2nd semester