Master's Degree in Human Resource Management. Psychological and Pedagogical Intervention

Academic year 2023-24

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Branch of Knowledge Social and Legal Sciences
Study programme leadership
The centre's academic calendar
Credits 60


Campus Mallorca
Catalan and Spanish
Price Public price per credit, 1st registration 29,22¤
Total cost: 1.807,27 ¤ (*)(**)
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  (*) Price applicable to citizens of member states of the European Union and Spanish residents. In all other cases, a 30% increase is applied ( more information about proof of residency ).
The cost column is solely illustrative, because both taxes or discounts can apply
(**) Additional information about price

Organisations are currently facing the significant challenge of staying competitive while having to deal with progressively increasing demands in an ever-changing social context. Under this framework, human resources serve as a pillar on which any public or private organisation is founded.

'Human capital, human resources, etc.' are modern expressions that remind us that workers and their behaviour are the main competitive advantage that any business or institution has. Hence the need to constantly update and improve the management of human resources.

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