Master's Degree in Accounting and Auditing

Academic year 2022-23

See the pre-registration, admission and registration deadlines for the 2022-23 academic year for this master's programme.
You can also consult this information for the academic year 2021-22.

Who oversees the quality of the degree programme?

Quality Assurance Commission

The CGQ is the body responsible for ensuring the quality and ongoing improvement of the degree programme in all aspects to do with its planning and organisation, as well as the development of teaching, in the framework of the UIB’s SGIQ (Spanish). It is in charge of analysing, monitoring and supervising the results and the students’ learning process based on the most relevant data and benchmarks and the information gathered from satisfaction surveys, suggestion/complaint forms, etc. submitted by the different groups involved. For further information, please check the CGQ’s regulations and functions (Catalan)

Quality Manager
Carlos Mulet Forteza
Teaching and Research Staff and Secretary
Patricia Horrach Rosselló
Teaching and Research Staff
Juana Isabel Genovart Balaguer
Admin and Services Staff
Patricia Alcover Pascual
Amanda Barreiro Tomás

La CGQ recull total la informació rellevant del títol (informes d'enquestes, dades, estadístiques, queixes, suggeriments, etc.) i les analitza. Pots consultar la normativa i les funcions de les CGQ.

Commitment to quality

Declaration in which the person in charge of ensuring the quality of the Master's programme wishes to express his/her commitment to quality and the constant improvement of his/her actions.

Suggestion/complaint form

The university has a complaints, suggestions and congratulations procedure in place, as part of the SGIQ internal quality assurance system. The procedure enables you to submit your opinion on any issue relating to the activities and operation of our centres and qualifications.

Procedures for handling and revising incidents, complaints, and suggestions

Suggestion/complaint form

Planning improvement measures

Totes les actuacions de millora proposades per la CGQ en el marc dels processos de seguiment i avaluació (verificació, seguiment i renovació de l’acreditació) es recullen i formalitzen en el Pla de millores (PdM) de la titulació. La CGQ és l’encarregada de revisar i mantenir actualitzat el PdM de manera periòdica.

Accountability and transparency

El Registre d'Universitats, Centres i Títols (RUCT) proporciona la informació més rellevant sobre les universitats, centres i títols que conformen el sistema universitari espanyol, en el qual consten inscrits els títols de grau, màster i doctorat oficials. A més, el RUCT té caràcter públic i de registre administratiu, i ha estat concebut com un instrument en contínua actualització. Podeu consultar la informació de la titulació al RUCT a l'enllaç següent:

Access to the Register of Universities, Centres, and Degrees (RUCT)

In order to be accountable to society at large, and to comply with the requirements set in the national regulatory framework (RD 822/2021 [Spanish]) and the directives of the European Higher Education Area, all official programmes (Bachelor's, Master's and PhD) are subject to three assessment phases: verification, monitoring and accreditation. Below you will find all the official documentation derived from each procedure: