Cancer Cell Biology (BIOCANCER)

Meetings participation

  • Villalonga, R.; Sampedro, A.; Aceves, C.; Villalonga, P.; FernŠndez de Mattos, S.; Rotger, C.; Costa, A.. , "Cyclosquaramides as a potential therapeutic strategy for the treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme". "Chemistry and Biology of Cell Death- Keystone Symposia", Santa Fe- New Mexico, United States, 2014. Poster.
  • Serra Sitjar, M.; Obrador-Hevia, A.; Villalonga, P.; Fernandez de Mattos, S.. , "Functional analysis of the FOXO3a-FOXM1-p53 axis in Mantle Cell Lymphoma". "EMBO Conference Cellular signalling and cancer therapy", Cavtat, Croatia, 2014. Poster.