PhD in Environmental and Biomedical Microbiology

Academic year 2024-25

Branch of Knowledge Sciences
Certification UIB coordinator Dr. Rafael Bosch Zaragoza
Tuition and admin fees per academic year ¤275.60 (*)
Places 20
Teaching language
Catalan and/or Spanish and/or English, although the PhD thesis may be written in other languages which are widely used within the scientific community.
Shortcuts to

(*) Per academic year

This PhD programme trains researchers in microbiology and, especially, professionals who are able to:

  • Contribute to future scientific progress and extend the threshold of knowledge in the field of microbiology
  • Communicate their scientific contributions to microbiology experts, the rest of the academic community and society in general
  • Promote aspects and advances in microbiology within an academic, professional or social setting, and specifically those areas that offer progress for society.

Composition of the Academic Committee

Rafael Bosch Zaragoza
Margarita Gomila Ribas
  • Sebastián Albertí Serrano
  • Antonio Doménech Sánchez
  • Balbina Nogales Fernández

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