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Dr Balbina Nogales Fernández

Dr Balbina Nogales Fernández
Senior lecturer
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Brief CV

BsC (Honors) in Biological Sciences by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1990) and PhD in Biological Sciences by the same university (1996). After my PhD I did a postdoctorate in Germany and the UK (1996-2000). That year I joined the UIB, first as a contracted researcher, then as researcher from the Spanish program Ramón y Cajal in the Department of Biology (2003-2008). After that I had a permanent position at UIB, where I am currently Lecturer in Microbiology (since 2011). I have teaching responsibilities at UIB since the academic course 2005-2006, in degree, master and doctorate programs. Hi have co-supervised six PhD theses.

Since my PhD I have done research is in the field of environmental microbiology. The topic of my PhD thesis was the study of antagonistic relationships in anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria, with an ecophysiological approach. Since my postdoc period I have been studying microbial communities in polluted environments. I have created a research group at UIB together with Dr. Rafael Bosch within the Group of Microbiology. Our current research is focused on studying microbial communities in marine environments chronically-polluted with hydrocarbons, and the role of the Roseobacter group in degradation of these pollutants. We combine global approaches for community analysis (metagenomics) with studies on the genomics, biochemistry and physiology of hydrocarbon degrading bacteria. I have participated in 23 research projects or research actions at international, national and local level. I have been principal investigator in six of them. My research has been published in international journals (ID ORCID 0000-0001-5769-9500), and has been presented in national and international conferences.

I am member of the Editorial Board of journals Environmental Microbiology/Environmental Microbiology Reports and FEMS Microbiology Ecology, as well as several scientific societies (Societat Catalana de Biologia, Sociedad Española de Microbiología, Sociedad Española de Biotecnología, Society for Applied Microbiology UK, American Society for Microbiology).


Office Hours

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Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
11079 - Master's Thesis
  • Master's Degree in Advanced Microbiology2021-22
  • Master's in Advanced Microbiology2018-19
11080 - Internships in Companies
11081 - Research Group Internships
11082 - Design of Curricular Laboratory-based Activities
  • Master's Degree in Advanced Microbiology2021-22
11088 - Marine Microbiology
20117 - Integrated Practices in Microbiology and Genetics
20130 - Physiology and Genetics of Plant-Micro-organism Interactions
20136 - Applied Microbiology


Research groups

Group Membership type
Microbiology (Microbio) Member


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