Degree in Medicine

360 credits - Faculty of Medicine

Degree data and benchmarks

  2016-17 2017-18
New students 60 69
Registered students 60 116
Graduates - -

Who directly oversees the quality of the degree programme?

Quality Assurance Commission

Admin and Services Staff
  • Antonio José Navarro González



The Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ) gathers all of the information regarding the degree programme (survey reports, data, statistics, complaints, suggestions, etc.) and analyses them. You can see the regulations and duties of the Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ).

La qualitat a la Facultat de Medicina

Planning improvement measures

Improvement plan

Accountability and transparency

Link to the Register of Universities, Centres, and Degrees (RUCT)

Procedure Document Date/Year
Verification First official university statement modification 26/09/2018
Verification First external report modification 26/09/2018
Verification BOE(Official State Gazette) Curriculum 16/04/2018
Monitoring Annual follow-up and internal assessment report (2016-17) 23/03/2018
Verification Implementation. Council of Ministers' resolution 26/10/2016
Verification Official university degree statement 30/05/2016
Verification Final verification report 30/05/2016