Cell therapy and tissue engineering (TERCIT)

Projects and contracts

  • PROGRAMA VALIDA 2023 - "Application of artificial intelligence for the identification of potential novel and patentable small molecule candidates similar to 9- hidroxycalabaxanthone (AI-XANTHONE-LIKE FINDER)", 2023. Main researcher: Marta Monjo Cabrer. Altres. Fundació Universitat Empresa de les Illes Balears (FUEIB). Project.
  • PI22/01686 - "Eficacia terapéutica de vesículas extracelulares derivadas de plaquetas como tratamiento acelular para tendinopatias", 2023-2025. Main researcher: Manuel Gomez Florit. Projectes de recerca en salut (PI FIS). Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Project.
  • ONKICK22-274 - "Physiologically-educated stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles for tendon regeneration", 2023-2024. Main researcher: Manuel Gomez Florit. NARSAD YOUNG INVESTIGATOR GRANTS. ON Foundation. Project.
  • "COST Action CA22107, Bringing Experiment and Simulation Together in Crystal Structure Prediction (BEST-CSP)", 2023-2027. Main researcher: Ivo Rietveld. Action Cost. European Commission. Project.