Clinical and translational research

Meetings participation

  • Azparren L.; Nadal M.; Pérez M.; Prados E.; Obrador-Hevia A.; Alemany R.; Martinez-Font E.. , "Disruption of the spliceosome activity as a novel therapeutic strategy in soft tissue sarcomas.". "18th ASEICA International Congress", Spain, 2022. Publication data: Libro de congreso. Poster.
  • Pérez M.; Nadal Serrano M.; Martinez Font E.; Azparren L.; Prados E.; Ramos R.; Sánchez, R.; Alemany R.; Obrador Hevia A.. , "Unveiling a new spliceosome-inhibitor drug with antitumor activity on soft tissue sarcoma patient-derived primary cultures". "28th Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research. EACR 2022 Congress - Innovative Cancer Science: Translating Biology to Medicine.", Spain, 2022. Publication data: EACR22-1157. Poster.