Master's Degree in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition

Academic year 2021-22

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Branch of Knowledge Science
Study programme leadership
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Credits 60


Campus Mallorca
Language The languages of the master's degree are Spanish and English (the classes are generally taught in Spanish, and are supplemented with slides and other materials in English).
Price Public price per credit 30,01¤
Total cost: 1.861,20 ¤ (*)(**)
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The modern society requires food not only as a source of nutrients and energy, but also as a key factor for increasing people's life- and health-spans. Several years ago, the European Commission funded the research network of excellence NuGO, which is devoted to Nutrigenomics and which had the UIB as one of its founding members. This prompted us to design a new, specialised postgraduate programme which is unique in the world.

In the new millennium, we are starting to unravel the secrets of the human genome. New disciplines and techniques, such as epigenetics and the “omics" techniques (functional genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics) help us understand the complex relationship between gene expression and nutrients and the individual responses to diet. An individual knowledge of the individual genetic response to the daily challenges we have to cope with can help us to protect our health from future metabolic diseases. Nutrigenomics is the modern molecular nutrition and opens the way to a precise, personalised nutrition; one that is designed for each individual in accordance with their gene variants and how gene expression is regulated under different nutritional challenges, among other factors.

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