Master's Degree in Advanced Physics and Applied Mathematics

Academic year 2022-23

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Branch of Knowledge Science
Study programme leadership Dr. Jaime Pons Morro
The centre's academic calendar
Credits 60


Campus Mallorca
Price Public price per credit 28,45¤
Total cost: 1.772,60 ¤ (*)(**)
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(*) Price applicable to citizens of member states of the European Union and Spanish residents:
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The objective of the University Master in Advanced Physics and Applied Mathematics (FAMA) is to provide an advanced training, specially oriented to graduate students aiming to enter later in a Doctorate program.

It is then a Master basically oriented towards research. This requires a structure making possible the specialization in some research areas with a premium quality. The UIB is awarded with the mention of International Excellence Campus, including the line of Physics, Computing and Applications. In this line, there are some research groups that have been developing an internationallevel first rank task during years. This is why five specialties are offered, directly related with those groups: Relativity and Astrophysics, Geophysical Fluids, Materials Physics, Quantum Systems , and Applied Mathematics.

Most of the socially relevant problems have many faces, and addressing them requires both general vision and the ability to connect ideas. In this context, the Master is not offering specialties as watertight compartments. The student can rather choose a reasonable number of complementary credits coming from other specialties, different from the selected one.

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