Master's Degree in Chemical Science and Technology

Academic year 2024-25

You can also consult this information for the academic year 2023-24.
Branch of Knowledge Science
Study programme leadership Dra. María del Carmen Rotger Pons
The centre's academic calendar
Credits 60


Campus Mallorca
Catalan, Spanish, English (See subjects for more details)
Double degree (See the technical details for more details)
Price Public price per credit, 1st registration 29,22¤
Total cost: 1.807,27 ¤ (*)(**)
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  (*) Price applicable to citizens of member states of the European Union and Spanish residents. In all other cases, a 30% increase is applied ( more information about proof of residency ).
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Over the last century scientific research has been characterized by a progressive specialization and an increasing division of the subjects under study. By contrast nowadays, many of the relevant problems of the society are multifaceted and their study requires a comprehensive view of the subject and the ability to connect ideas. In this context, post-graduate training in Chemical Technology (CyTQ) provides the tools and the training necessary to achieve a comprehensive view of chemistry and related areas as well as industrial processes.

The chemist with interdisciplinary training is able to develop a research or professional career beyond the traditional field of work, and is able to collaborate with researchers and professionals from other disciplines apart from the chemistry and its technology, and provides as an added value a solid training, the understanding of the processes and chemical reactions and the ability to transfer ideas from one field to others such as biology, food engineering , medicine, energy, environment and materials, among others.

This Master is the result to adapt the former Master’s degree in Chemical Science and Technology to the new academic regulations. The faculty members involved in the master have the experience of the former master which was the formation stage of the doctoral program in Chemical Science and Technology, awarded with the quality mention (REF MCD2007-00572 ) from Ministry of Education, and the Mention towards Excellence from the Spanish Government (REF MEE20110104).

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