Application, access and admission

How to apply

Students with a Spanish Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or with a foreign degree which has been officially recognised or determined equivalent to Spanish undergraduate studies who wish to pursue a Master's degree at the UIB must initiate a pre-registration procedure, whereby they apply for a place in one or more Master's degree programmes at the UIB.

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies will decide upon the access of candidates to Master’s degree studies, whereas each Master’s programme’s leadership will decide upon the admission to the specific Master’s requested. Once they have been admitted, students must carry out their enrolment.

Before applying, those interested must consult the available courses for the current academic year, where they will find all relevant information on the Master’s degree they want to study: its structure and duration in ECTS credits, list of subjects, schedules and timetables, specific admission criteria and requirements, fees, etc.

Students who still have academic queries after checking this information may refer to the study programme leadership, via the contact form on the programme’s webpage.

The application procedure is carried out online, and it is launched by clicking on the ‘Pre-registration’ button located beside the name of the Master’s degree. This button is only visible and active when the application period is open, from April of each academic year onwards. In order to enter the online pre-registration application, you must have a user name and a password. To obtain these, you must click on UIBdigital Online Registration.

Once inside the pre-registration application, this will indicate what data and documents must be submitted.

Documentation required

A scanned copy of each original document must be submitted through the pre-registration application:

  • Copy of your valid ID card, NIE (Foreign Identification document), or passport (on both sides).
  • Spanish Bachelor’s degree or equivalent to access the Master's (on both sides), or documentation attesting to the official recognition or statement of equivalence.
  • Official academic certificate of the Spanish degree or equivalent, issued by the corresponding university, which must feature the average grade (0 to 10-point grading scale) on your transcript of records (all pages).
    Students who need to provide an official recognition or statement of equivalence must submit two documents to this effect: the official academic certificate of the foreign degree, and the foreign Grade Point Average equivalence document, which can be requested through the Grade Point Average calculator service. (Instructions [PDF]).
  • Curriculum Vitae

Those interested in obtaining one of the places reserved to individuals with a disability level of 33% or above must attach their disability certificate or accreditation, issued by the Clearinghouse of the Directorate General for Dependency, Social Services and Cooperation of the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands or the relevant authority.

Specific documentation: Some Master’s programmes have specific admission requirements (e.g. foreign language diplomas), or they may require that additional documentation be submitted (e.g. cover letters, CV, recommendation letters, etc.) for the purpose of assessing specific merits. If this is your case, the pre-registration application will request that all the necessary files be uploaded. Further information on this issue is available on each Master’s degree web page, in the ‘Admission criteria’ section.

Part-time student status

Students wishing to be granted part-time student status who meet the requirements must submit their application at the time of pre-registration via the same computer application. For more information on part-time student status, see the UIB Academic Regulations.


FAQs about documentation for applications

There is no need to upload scans of diplomas providing access or transcripts of records in the case of UIB degrees.

All documents must be in perfectly legible condition and should preferably be uploaded as an Adobe PDF file or an original, electronically-signed document with a secure verification code.

Each document must be uploaded to its corresponding place within the application, and must contain all the pages in the correct order.

Scanned documents will be provisionally accepted, except for electronically-signed ones, which are equivalent to their originals. In the case of ordinary scans, however, the accepted students will be requested to present the Centre for Postgraduate Studies’ Administrative Services with originals of each, from November of the current academic year onwards. In this event, a photocopy of each original must also be provided, so that it can be added to the student's transcript.

Alternatively, the originals and their hard copies can be posted to the Centre for Postgraduate Studies. However, please note that, in this case, the copies need to have been duly certified (by an officially recognised Spanish Notary Public, any of the Spanish diplomatic missions or by the issuing institution, providing that evidence can be produced that the certification has been paid for).

FAQs about the pre-registration process

The submission process is properly completed once you click on ‘Submit application’. This done, you will receive an e-mail with your application receipt, which, where necessary, serves as proof that you have submitted an application to pursue a Master’s degree.

Applications that remain in ‘Initiated’ status after the application period has expired cannot be assessed, and will therefore be cancelled.

Undergraduate students not having yet completed their Bachelor’s degree, but who are planning to obtain the degree before the end of the pre-registration error-correction period, will be able to finish the admission application process by clicking on ‘Submit application’. However, their applications will be conditioned on completion of their Bachelor’s degrees and the payment of the relevant diploma issuance fee, and they will have to upload both their diploma and official transcript of records on the platform (there is no need to upload scans of diplomas providing access or transcripts of records in the case of UIB degrees).

The deadline for submitting this documentation expires at the end of the error-correction period for each Master’s degree. This can be checked in the ‘Deadlines’ section.