Master's Degree in Biomedical Research

Academic year 2021-22

The Master’s degree programme in biomedical research offers a multidisciplinary education in the field of research in biomedicine with a solid multidisciplinary training in advanced science, integrated with biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology, and health and disease. The education provided focuses on competitive translational research that contributes to furthering the understanding of the molecular basis of human pathology, as well as discovering and developing new preventative, diagnostic, and treatment measures based on molecular bioscience knowledge.

This Master’s programme has three areas in which students can specialize. To specialize in any one of them, students must pass all corresponding subjects and complete a Master’s thesis (with the support of a tutor) related to the field of study of the chosen specialization.

Students must choose one of the three specializations in order to be awarded a degree.

The specializations that are offered are as follows:

  • Specialization in cancer research,
  • Specialization in metabolic syndrome and ageing research, and
  • Specialization in translational biomedical research.

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