Degree in Mathematics

240 credits - Higher Polytechnic School

Entry Profile

Students wishing to take the Degree in Mathematics are recommended to have passed their secondary school diploma in maths and particularly, Advanced Mathematics. The ideal criteria to successfully complete this degree are:

  1. Being willing to learn and the ability for hard work and perseverance.
  2. A curiosity to understand the reasons behind things.
  3. Appreciating precision and rigour in formulating ideas and problems.
  4. Not being afraid of abstract thought.
  5. Having an appreciation for mathematics.

Students wanting to take this programme should understand that mathematics is not (only) calculations with numbers and equations that they have done at high school, but actually goes beyond this, seeking out essential rules and unpinning structures through the process of abstraction, governed by precision and logic in reasoning. Students should have an awareness that mathematics is not an end in itself, but rather has many applications.

Entry information

Number of places. Academic year 2024-25: 40

Course entry methods

Admission mark calculation

The entrance mark (Information in Spanish) for courses will be calculated in accordance with the following criteria:
(1) For entry with high-school diploma or equivalent (PAU: university entrance exam) , the entrance mark is calculated (out of 14 points) with the entrance mark and the two best weighted marks from passed subjects, in accordance with the weighting parameters.
(2) For entry with a higher vocational qualification , the entrance mark is calculated (out of 14 points) with the average from the training course and the two best weighted marks from subjects passed in the PAU entrance block, in accordance with the weighting parameters.
(3) For further information, please see the full details of the weighting parameters for university admission

Weighting Parameters

(3) Weighted subjects in the voluntary stage. Academic year 2024-25:

Batxiller Course Parameter
Mathematics II 0,2
Physics 0,2
Technology and Engineering II 0,2
For more information, please see the full details about weighting criteria for university admission (Spanish)

Cut-off mark



Credit Recognition and Transfer Committee for GMA2

Delicado Moll, Rosa María
Hidalgo Marín, Paula

Accreditation grid between degrees from the UIB

Accreditation of English Skills

In order to be awarded the degree, students must show that they have reached a level of English by the end of their course that equates to level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), in accordance with how this requirement is stipulated in the curriculum. The way to attain this knowledge is by passing the specific English language course on the curriculum.

More information.

Academic Accreditation Committee