Degree in History

240 credits - Faculty of Philosophy and Arts

Duration 4 years / 240 credits
70 places for the academic year 2024-25
Mode In-Person Classes
Public price per credit, 1st registration: ¤11.18, ¤25.77, ¤55.79, ¤77.3 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th enrolment respectively. (*)
Total cost of the first enrolment in the first year: ¤711.99 (*) (**)

(*) Prices for the academic year: 2023-24
(**) Total cost of the first enrolment in the first year, including taxes, for EU members under 28 years of age without any special condition:

The main objective of this programme is to analyse the behaviour of human societies throughout history and during each of the scientifically established eras. This analysis will be carried out from a multicausal point of view and will consider different types of events (political, economic, cultural, etc.).

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Arts and Humanities

Head of Studies: Dr Pere Salas Vives

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