Degree in Physiotherapy

240 credits - Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy
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21691. Practicum III (2020-21)

Credits 12 ECTS.
Type External Placements
Status Current curriculum and subject available in this curriculum, centre and island.


    Registration Requirements
  • must have passed the 21664 subject - Physiotherapy in Traumatology Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics and Rheumatology
  • must have passed the 21665 subject - Neurological Physiotherapy I
  • must have passed the 21670 subject - Neurological Physiotherapy II
  • must have passed the 22773 subject - Prácticum I
  • must have taken courses 36 set of subjects made up of the 21663 subject, the 21664 subject, the 21665 subject, the 21667 subject, the 21669 subject, the 21670 subject, the 21673 subject, the 21674 subject, the 22769 subject, the 22770 subject credits
  • must have taken courses or enrolled (in the current academic year) 6 set of subjects made up of the 21667 subject, the 21674 subject credits

Recommended bibliography

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