Master's Degree in Cultural Heritage: Research and Management

Academic year 2021-22

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Cultural heritage is a concept that exists across Europe. It has to do with the material and immaterial signs of our societies’ history and culture. It has become a leading social issue among countries and international institutions, as reflected in European legislation, UNESCO policies, and the existence of the ICOMOS, among others.

The Department of Historical Sciences and Art Theory at the UIB has created the Master’s degree programme in cultural heritage: research and management, which will train and educate professionals in two priority areas:

  • The management of heritage projects
  • Research on heritage-related issues

Both respond to the needs of and professional profiles required by contemporary society.

Graduates from this Master’s programme will have a professional profile that is specifically related to the management of issues regarding cultural heritage in general. They will be specialists who are able to promote sustainable quality tourism by designing cultural and environmental policies that value historical-artistic elements, history itself, and collective memory.

The Master’s degree programme in cultural heritage: research and management focuses on the internationalization of students in the programme by partnering up with and offering a dual degree with the University of Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD) and the People’s Friendship University of Russia (URAP, Moscow). The programme also includes required mentored internships in public and private cultural institutions in order to prepare students for the working world.

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