PhD in Neuroscience

Academic year 2021-22

Branch of Knowledge Health Sciences
Certification UIB coordinator Dra. María Cristina Nicolau Llobera
Type Double PhD degree (See the technical details for more details)
Precio de la tutela por año académico ¤210.00 (*)
Precio de la tutela y conceptos administrativos por año académico ¤270.60 (*)
Places 30
Teaching language Catalan and/or Spanish and/or English, although the PhD thesis may be written in other languages which are widely used within the scientific community.
Shortcuts to

(*) Per academic year


Composition of the Academic Committee

María Cristina Nicolau Llobera
Gabriel Ángel Olmos Bonafé
  • Susana Cristina Esteban Valdés
  • Antonio Gamundí Gamundí
  • Ana María González Roldán
  • Antonio Miralles Socías
  • David Moranta Mesquida
  • Pedro José Montoya Jiménez

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