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Dr David Moranta Mesquida

Dr David Moranta Mesquida
Senior lecturer


Brief CV

My research career has been conducted in three different stages that has in common that they focused on the analysis of the cellular and/or physiological responses occurring during different physio-pathological states, aimed to unmask the underlying molecular mechanism. During PhD period in the University of Balearic Islands (UIB; 2000-2005, FPI fellow from MCYT), I analyzed the effect of different drugs on brain monoaminergic systems. I showed the presynaptic location of CB1 receptors on afferent fibers to catecholaminergic neurons and on serotonergic terminals. Additionally, my results showed the modulation of different monoaminergic receptors after chronic exposure to cannabinoid compounds; as well as, the modulation MAPK-ERK signaling pathway on different brain regions.My postdoctoral period (2006-2015) was conducted in the Infection and Immunity Laboratory from the Institute of Health Research from Balearic Islands (IdISBa; initially named Caubet-Cimera Foundation). Part of my research was also associated to the corporative program about New Therapeutic Targets from the Spanish Network Research Center for Respiratory Diseases (CIBERES; from 09/2009 to 12/2015). During this period, the bulk of my research try to unmask the innate immune response activated during bacterial infection of the lung (mainly on pneumonia caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae); trying to identify new therapeutic target to fight against these infections.The last research period started when I get an Adjunct Assistant Professor position ('professor asociado) at the Biology Department from the UIB (10/2008-09/2016); and finally, a full-time position (from 09/2016) at the Physiology area from the same department, first as Assistant Professor ('Profesor Ayudante Doctor') and after as Associate Professor of physiology ('Profesor Contratado Doctor' in 2017 and "Profesor Titular de Universidad" in 2021). From the beginning of this period my research has been conducted in the Neurophysiology Group from the UIB where I try to analyze de role of neuroinflammatory processes on the brain aging and on the neuroprotective effect of different strategies during aging. During the last years, I have been also collaborating with the Research Group on Community Nutrition & Oxidative Stress from University of the Balearic Islands. Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) * 0000-0001-9528-4920 Researcher ID H-4958-2012 Scopus Author ID 55300400800


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Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
11243 - Neurophysiology
20122 - Extended Study of Physiology: Human Physiology
20129 - Final Degree Project in Biology
20147 - Practical Placements in Biology
21504 - Animal Physiology
21600 - Structure and Function of the Human Body
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