PhD in Plant Biology

Academic year 2022-23

Branch of Knowledge Sciences
Certification UIB coordinator Dr. Jaume Flexas Sans
Tuition fees per academic year ¤210.00 (*)
Tuition and admin fees per academic year ¤275.60 (*)
Places 10
Teaching language
Catalan and/or Spanish and/or English, although the PhD thesis may be written in other languages which are widely used within the scientific community.
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(*) Per academic year

It is an official PhD programme offered by the UIB in the field of Plant Biology, and therefore subject to the official requirements on doctoral programmes.

The specific contents of this programme include training activities in the generic field of Plant Biology, which comprises aspects of Molecular Biology, Physiology, Botany, Ecophysiology and Ecology, also considering plant phylogeny and evolution and the implications in the spheres of plant production, agriculture and agrosystems. Special emphasis is placed on the acclimatisation and adaptation to environments with a Mediterranean climate and on the effects of climate change.


Composition of the Academic Committee

Jaume Flexas Sans
Joana Cursach Seguí
  • Javier Gulías León
  • Anna Traveset Vilaginés
  • Jose Luis Araus Ortega
  • Jorge Gago Mariño

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