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Dr Gabriel Barceló Bauzà
Dr Gabriel Barceló Bauzà
Assistant Lecturer
Theory and History of Education

Dr Gabriel Barceló Bauzà


Brief CV

Diploma in Social Education (2009), a First Degree in Pedagogy (2012), Master's Degree in Social & Educational Intervention for Minors and Families (2013) and PhD in Education (2017). He has focused his research activities on the history of contemporary education, particularly studies of school cultures in the early decades of the Franco regime, with special attention to the post-war years. He has also explored the use of photography as a source of information in the history of education. He is a member of different scientific associations, like the Societat d'Hist˛ria de l'Educaciˇ dels Pa´sos de Llengua Catalana (History of Education Society of Catalan-Speaking Areas or SHEPLLC), Sociedad Espa˝ola de Historia de la Educaciˇn (Spanish History of Education Society or SEDHE) and the Sociedad Espa˝ola para el Estudio del Patrimonio Histˇrico-Educativo (Spanish Society for Research into Historical and Educational Heritage or SEPHE).


Office Hours

Lecturer Tutorial Times
Start Date End Date Day Start Time End Time Location
11/02/2019 26/07/2019 Tuesday 10.00 12.00 Despatx C-100 / Ed. Guillem Cifre de Colonya

Subjects taught. Academic Year 2018-19

Subjects taught
Subject Degree/campus
22101 - Contemporary Educational Thinking and Contexts
22229 - Contemporary Pedagogy
22232 - Final Degree Project
22031 - Final Degree Project
22313 - Social Education and Social-Educational Dynamization in Museums and Librari

Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Degree
10986 - Latest Contributions to the History of Families and Childhood in Southern E
  • Master's in Social and Educational Intervention with Minors and Families 2016-17
22000 - Contemporary Educational Thinking and Contexts
  • Degree in Early Childhood Education 2017-18
22031 - Final Degree Project
  • Degree in Early Childhood Education 2017-18
22129 - Practical Classes II
  • Degree in Primary Education 2017-18
22132 - Final Degree Project
  • Degree in Primary Education 2017-18
22200 - History of Education
  • Degree in Pedagogy 2015-16, 2016-17
22217 - Evolution and Consolidation of Education Systems
  • Degree in Pedagogy 2016-17
22223 - Practical Classes
  • Degree in Pedagogy 2017-18
22229 - Contemporary Pedagogy
  • Degree in Pedagogy 2017-18


Research groups

Group Membership type
Studies of education history Member
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