Cultural Activities

Outside of your study programme, you will find a wide selection of cultural activities to balance out your education with entertainment options.

Accredited Activities Pool

If you are looking to expand your CV and academic record, check the list of accredited activities.

UIB Choir

If you would like to join the Choir of the University of the Balearic Islands or its affiliated choirs.

UIB Circuit

The UIB campus has a permanent circuit for open-air leisure and sports activities.

Language Courses

We offer modern and Asian language courses, as well as Catalan and Spanish.

Organic Allotments

A space to relax in nature, stimulate the senses, boost social contacts, physical exercise…

Language Exchange

If you would like to learn a language whilst making friends, you can set up conversation groups and/or language partners.


Have you not got to know CampusEsport yet? Then, what are you waiting for? Come and enjoy a wide selection of sporting activities.

Prizes and Competitions

There is a noticeboard announcing all types of prizes and competitions: poetry, novel, photography...

Cafeterias and Refectories 

There are cafeterias and refectories spread across different buildings that offer full café and restaurant services with daily menus.


The Cooperation for Development and Solidarity Office promotes volunteering opportunities.