The University of the Balearic Islands invites you to study and research in a privileged backdrop, where the tranquillity, wellbeing and joy of the Mediterranean come together in perfect harmony with a work-oriented environment designed to educate, generate knowledge and innovate, alongside a commitment to excellence in research and teaching.  

The university campus enjoys excellent transport links and houses all the necessary facilities and services for university life. Our vast experience offers you the opportunity to relish multilingual learning in a culturally rich and diverse setting.


  • 16Centres
  • 20 Departments
  • 2 University headquarters
  • 7 Research institutes
  • 41 Undergrad programmes
  • 33 Master's programmes
  • 24 PhD programmes
  • 93 UIB-specific programmes
  • 1,080 PDI Teaching and Research staff
  • 614 PAS Admin and Services staff
  • 11,926 Undergrad students
  • 1,479 Master's students
  • 930 PhD students
  • 1,320 Students on other programmes
  • 134 UOM Open University students

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