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Dr Gabriel Rosselló Calafell

Dr Gabriel Rosselló Calafell
Assistant lecturer with a PhD
Ancient History
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Gabriel Rosselló got his Phd at the University of the Balearic Islands (2020) with the research work “Legati ab Carthagine”. Representación de la praxis diplomática púnica en las fuentes filorromanas (264-146 a.C.). He graduated from the same center in 2005, where he also obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA), research proficiency achieved from the exposition of the Research report Estudio sobre la fiscalidad en Hispania y Sicilia en época romano-republicana (siglos III y II A.C.), directed by Professor María Luisa Sánchez León. During this project, carry out a research stay at La Sapienza. University of Rome, led by Professor Mario Mazza (2006-2007).

His lines of research are mainly focused on the Punic Wars, with emphasis on the impact of Roman-Republican expansion in the confrontation with the Carthaginian and Numidian worlds. He has also carried out some work on the ancient history of the Balearic Islands.

He is member of the Civitas Research Group (UIB; and since 2018 of the Occidens Research Group (, whose epicentre is the Roman Republic. He has been part of the state projects 'The diplomatic gift: symbolism, rituality and politics in the context of the Roman-Republican expansion (3rd-1st century BC)' (PGC2018-0964). (PGC2018-096415-B-C21) and 'Diplomatic expression in the central and eastern Mediterranean under Roman expansion: the gift in its political and institutional context' (PGC2018-096415-B-C22). She is currently part of the research team of the project 'Environments for dialogue: the spaces of diplomacy in the Roman provincial sphere during the Republic' (PID2022-137408NB-100), which involves a stay at the Institut Ausonius, located at the Université Bordeaux Montaigne, under the direction of Professor François Cadiou.

He has recently published several scientific contributions in prestigious national and international journals, such as Gerión, SHHA, Ktèma and Latomus, mainly in relation to diplomacy in the North African political space during the 3rd-1st centuries B.C. Among the books and chapters published, the 2023 monograph: Relaciones exteriores y praxis diplomática cartaginesa. El período de las guerras púnicas, Colección Libera Res Publica n. 8 (Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza; Editorial de la Universidad de Sevilla).


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10310 - Epigraphic and Numismatic Heritage
  • Master's Degree in Cultural Heritage: Research and Management2021-22
20202 - Societies and Cultures in Antiquity
20206 - History of the Ancient East
20221 - History of Ancient Spain
20225 - Epigraphy and Numismatics in the Ancient World
20229 - Final Degree Project


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Civitas Member
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