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Dr Gabriel Moyà Alcover

Dr Gabriel Moyà Alcover
Senior Lecturer
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
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Brief CV

Gabriel Moyà Alcover finished his September 2016, with the thesis entitled: 'Scene modeling for vision-based interactive systems in Rehabilitation contexts'. His main research interests include computer vision and artificial intelligence applied to medical image analysis and human-computer interaction.

He is a member of the Department of Informatics and Mathematics from the 2012-2013 academic year with the figure of Interim Doctor Hired. It belongs to the Computer Graphics and Vision Unit (UGIVIA).

He is currently the Principal Investigator of a project funded by the Government of the Balearic Islands and last year 2019 he obtained his first research six-year term. It has 8 publications in impact journals (JCR). He has written 3 book chapters and has participated in more than a dozen conferences, both presenting communications and the organizing committee. On the other hand he participated in 6 projects funded by the Spanish government.


Office Hours

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Thesis advising

Thesis advisor during the academic year 2022-23 for the following PHD programmes:

Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
10118 - Complement to the Technology and Informatics Specialty 1: the Scientific Content of the Speciality Subject Matter
  • Master's Degree in Teacher Training2021-22
10697 - Complement to the Speciality of Mathematics 1: the Scientific Content of the Speciality
  • Master's Degree in Teacher Training2021-22
11630 - Technologies for Big Data Analysis
  • Master's Degree in Big Data Analysis in Economics and Business2021-22
  • Master's in Big Data Analysis in Economics and Business2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20
11752 - Automatic Learning
  • Master's degree in Intelligent Systems2019-20
11760 - Computer Vision and 3-D Reconstruction
  • Master's Degree in Intelligent Systems2021-22
11761 - Image and Video Analysis
  • Master's degree in Intelligent Systems2019-20
  • Master's Degree in Intelligent Systems2020-21
20302 - Programming - Computer Studies I
20330 - Mathematical Models II
  • Degree in Mathematics (2009)2017-18
  • Double Degree in Mathematics and Telematics (2013)2017-18
20592 - Programming (Computer Science I)
21710 - Theory of Computation
  • Degree in Computer Engineering2018-19
21717 - Data Structures
21746 - Data Mining
  • Degree in Computer Engineering2017-18
  • Degree in Computer Engineering (2010 syllabus)2017-18
21781 - Machine learning
  • Degree in Informatics Engineering2021-22
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