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Rafael Pericás Reinés

Rafael Pericás Reinés
Associate lecturer
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science


Brief CV

Rafel Pericas Reinés (April 1972).Before dedicating himself to teaching, he works in the development of banking software in the programming environment NATURAL-ADABAS.

Teaching experience: He is working as a high school mathematics teacher (Civil servant of the spanish governament). Since 2017 he has the position of head of studies, a task that combines with teaching mathematics.

University teaching: In the 2000 academic year he worked as a professor tutor at the UNED University, in the subjects of Programming III, Data Structures and Automata Theory in the studies of Technical Engineering in Computer Science.
Associate Lecturer of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of the Balearic Islands since 2002. He has taught a variety of subjects in Mathematics and Statistics in the university studies of: Economics, Business Administration, Biology, Physiotherapy, Computer Engineering , Engineering in Telematics, Engineering in Building ....

Other merits: First Certificate of the British Council and the title of Advanced Level (B2++) of the Official School ,in English Languages.Co-author of the book: ' Una Introducción al Modelado Matemático en Economía y Administración de Empresas'. High experience in use of R Studio and SPSS software, which is used in the teaching of Mathematics I (Degree in Biology) and Fundamentals of Statistics for Health Sciences (Degree in Physiotherapy) .


Office Hours

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Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
20100 - Mathematics I
20301 - Mathematics II - Calculus
  • Degree in Computer Engineering (2010 syllabus)2020-21
  • Degree in Informatics Engineering (2014 syllabus)2020-21
20601 - Mathematics
20608 - Optimisation
21304 - Foundations of Applied Statistics in Health Sciences
21692 - Foundations of Applied Statistics in Health Sciences
21705 - Methods of Linear Algebra
  • Degree in Computer Engineering2019-20
  • Degree in Computer Engineering (2010 syllabus)2019-20
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