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Dr Rubén Lluc Comas Forgas

Dr Rubén Lluc Comas Forgas
Senior lecturer
Didactics and School Organization


Brief CV

Rubén Comas-Forgas holds an European PhD. in Science Education from the University of the Balearic Islands (2009). He has been a visiting researcher at several international centers, among which are: University of East Anglia (UK), Liverpool John Moores Univerity (UK), Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Greece), Autonomous University of Yucatan (Mexico) and Stockholm University (Sweden).

Research Areas
Academic integrity, Research integrity, Academic writing, Educational and social uses of ICT, Environmental Education.

Selection of recent competitive research projects in which has participated or is participating

- Title: Academic integrity among preservice teachers. Period: 2013-2027. Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCI), the State Research Agency (AEI) and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER). Reference: PID2022-141031NB-I00. (Project Principal Investigator)

- Title: Integridad académica una cuestión de honor: opiniones y estrategias de fortalecimiento en la UNED- Costa Rica. Period: 2023-2024. Funding entity: UNED- Costa Rica. Reference PROY0019- 2023

- Title: CHARLIE - Challenging Bias in Big Data users for AI and Machine Learning. Period: 2023-2025. Funding entity: European Union (EU). Reference: 2022-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000085257 Web: (Project PI)

- Title: Fostering organizational resilience and adaptive management in enterprises. Period: 2022-2024. Funding entity: European Union (EU). Reference: 2021-1-ES01-KA220VET-000032954 Web: (Project PI)

- Title: Ibero-American Research Network in Academic Integrity. Period: 2022-.... Funding entity: Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado (AUIP). Web: (Project PI)

- Title: Conferences, magazines and predatory publishers: design of a training and information program for postgraduate students. Period: 2022-2024. Funding entity: IRIE. Reference PID222452 (Project PI)

- Title: Academic integrity among postgraduate students: empirical approach and intervention proposals. Period: 2019-2022. Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCI), the State Research Agency (AEI) and the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER). Reference: RTI2018-098314-B-I00. Website: (Project PI)

Selected Publications (2023-2024)

Comas-Forgas, R., Álvarez-García, O., & Cerdà-Navarro, A. (2024). Unmasking deceptive journals in education sciences: a study on prevalence, characteristics and visibility. Práxis Educativa, 19, 1-17.

Gallent Torres, C., & Comas Forgas, R. (2024). La llama de Prometeo: IA e integridad académica. Cuadernos de pedagogía, 549, 16.

Comas-Forgas, R., Cerdá-Navarro, A., Touza-Garma, C., & Moreno-Herrera, L. (2023). Prevalencia y factores asociados al plagio académico en estudiantes de nuevo ingreso de Trabajo Social y Educación Social: un análisis empírico. RELIEVE, 29(2).

Alvarez-García, O., Sureda-Negre, J., Comas-Forgas, R. & Oliver-Trobat, M. (2023). The interest of the Spanish population in climate change based on internet searches. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 10, 231.

Cerdà-Navarro, A., Touza-Garma, C., Pozo-LLorente, T., & Comas-Forgas, R. (2023). Analysis of the prevalence, evolution, and severity of dishonest behaviors of Spanish graduate students: the vision of academic heads. Práxis Educativa, 18, 1-16.

Comas Forgas, R., Lancaster, T., Curiel Marín, E., & Touza Garma, C. (2023). Automatic paraphrasing tools: an unexpected consequence of addressing student plagiarism and the impact of COVID in distance education settings. Práxis Educativa, 18, 1-19.

Gallent Torres, C. & Comas Forgas, R. (2023). Prévalence et évolution des conduites frauduleuses chez les étudiants de master et doctorat espagnols. EMS Editions.

Gallent Torres, C. & Comas Forgas, R. (2023). O conceito de Integridade Acadêmica na Educação Superior: um percurso da evolução do termo até os dias atuais. In J. Mainardes (Coord.) Ética e Pesquisa em Educação. ANPEd - Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Educação.

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Office Hours

Lecturer Tutorial Times
Start Date End Date Day Start Time End Time Location
12/09/2023 31/07/2024 Monday 09.00 10.00 Videoconfencia Zoom (l'alumnat ha d'acordar prèviament amb el professor mitjançant email la data de la tutoria)

Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
10693 - Educational Contexts and Processes
10893 - Monitoring and Documentation Sources
  • Master's Degree in Early Childhood: Perspectives and Lines of Intervention2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23
  • Master's in Early Childhood: Perspectives and Lines of Intervention2018-19, 2019-20
10915 - Master's Thesis
  • Master's in Early Childhood: Perspectives and Lines of Intervention2018-19
11865 - Responsible Research and Innovation
  • Master's Degree in Psychoeducational Research and Intervention2022-23
11908 - Systematic Reviews of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Literature
  • Master's Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Research2022-23
21901 - Scientific Documentation and Communication
21984 - Scientific Documentation and Communication
22223 - External Academic Placements in Pedagogy
22232 - Final Degree Project in Pedagogy
22327 - Practical Placements on the Degree in Social Education II
  • Degree in Social Education2022-23
22328 - Final Degree Project


Research groups

Group Membership type
Education and citizenship (EIC) Member
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