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Dr Javier Rey-Maquieira Palmer

Dr Javier Rey-Maquieira Palmer
Full professor
Applied Economics
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Brief CV

My academic career is clearly marked by 2 distinctive periods that will help understand my CV´s most significant features. The first starts around the year 2002, when I make the decision to focus my scientific career on Tourism Economics, even though my teaching and doctoral thesis were linked to Macroeconomics. My thesis and the few relevant publications were focused on the analysis of Ricardian equivalence. In this initial period there is another determining factor in order to comprehend my lack of scientific contributions. Shortly after starting my career as an assistant teacher at the university, I took on several academic positions: Department secretary, Vice-dean, Vice-Chancellor of economic planning and Dean of the Faculty of Economics until, on the year 2009, I decide to focus solely on investigation and teaching. 2009 is, henceforth, the start of my second distinctive period. Therefore, from 2002 and even more so from 2009, most of my publications, investigation projects, doctoral theses supervision, Master/PhD & transfer of knowledge classes are heavily linked to Tourism Economics. Within this area, and even though the subjects of my investigations are very diverse, (job market and tourism, environment and tourism, tourist demand or experiential tourism), there is a common nexus, which is the concern for competitiveness of tourism destinations, which could explain the general objective of all my investigations. More than 25 publications in top level journals as per Journal of Citation Reports (JCR): Renewable & Sustainable Energy Review, , Ecological Economics, Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Waste Management, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Environmental management, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Economic Surveys, Environmental modelling & Software, Water Resources Research, Tourism economics, International Journal of Manpower, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation. Two of my papers have been cited and reproduced in "Recent developments in the Economics of Tourism" as 2 of the most relevant works in Tourism Economics in the last 10 years (2013). I have co-directed more than 10 doctoral theses in this area with teachers from Austria, Denmark, Brazil, Thailand, Peru and Spain, and in some cases they have helped to develop an area which, in spite of being held worldwide as relevant to the tourism industry, was not considered a priority. I have participated as main investigator in 4 competitive projects linked to competitiveness in tourism destinations. PI in COMET investigation group (Spanish: Competitiveness, environment and tourism). Participant in the creation of IATE (International Association of Tourism Economics). Member of the council responsible for creating an international PHD Master in Tourism Economics of the Applied Economics Department, with a quality award. Co-founder of the spin-off Imagine Tourism Consulting, where I have directed different projects on the problems of corporate and destination competitiveness. Member of a Panel of Experts on Melia's Corporate Social Responsibility. In 2011 I obtained the "research excellence" grant.

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Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
11500 - Principles of International Economics Applied to Tourism
  • Master's in Economics of Tourism: Monitoring and Evaluation2019-20
20531 - Final Degree Project in Tourism
20543 - Economic Context and International Conditioning
20627 - International Economics
20629 - Final Degree Project in Economics
21222 - Final Degree Project in Business Administration
  • Degree in Business Administration2021-22, 2023-24
  • Double degree in Business Administration and Law2023-24
  • Double Degree in Business Administration and Tourism2020-21, 2023-24


Research groups

Group Membership type
Competitiveness, ecology and tourism (COMET) Main researcher
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