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Dr Fruela Fernández Iglesias
Dr Fruela Fernández Iglesias
Tenure-track contract Lecturer with a PhD
English Philology

Dr Fruela Fernández Iglesias


Brief CV

I did a BA in Translation and Interpreting (English/German) at Universidad de Salamanca and later earned a PhD (Doctor Europaeus) in the same field at Universidad de Granada (2011). I have been visiting researcher at Centre de Sociologie Européenne del CNRS (2009-2010) and Lecturer in Translation Studies at CES Felipe II (2012), University of Hull (2013-2015), Newcastle University (2015-2018) and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2018-2019).

My research can be divided in two main periods. The fist one (2007-2015) developed a sociological approach to literary translation with the help of Pierre Bourdieu's sociological framework. The second phase (from 2016 onwards) focuses on the political component of translation and, more specifically, on the importance of translation for the evolution, circulation, and transformation of political concepts. I am currently writing a research monograph on the political role of translation after the so-called 15M or 'indignados' movement in Spain, which was awarded a grant of the Leonardo network (14,000 euros) and will be published by Routledge.

Publications (excerpt)

2014. Espacios de dominación, espacios de resistencia. Literatura y traducción desde una sociología critica. Peter Lang: Frankfurt.

2018. (with Jonathan Evans) The Routledge Handbook of Translation and Politics. Abingdon: Routledge.

2018. Podemos: politics as a 'task of translation'. Translation Studies 11(1): 1-16. Impact factor: 0.447.

2017. 'Voy a empeñar la Edad de Oro': historia, música y política en la crisis española (2011-2016). Romance Quarterly, 64(3): 135-146.

2015. 'Scott Walker Sings Jacques Brel: Translation, Authorship, and the Circulation of Music'. Translation Studies, 8, 269-283. Impact factor: 0.289.

2014. Assessing masculine domination in a cultural field: women translators and book translation awards in Spain (1984-2012), The Translator, 20:2, 162-177. Impact factor: 0.483

2012. 'De la profesionalización a la invisibilidad: las mujeres en el sector de la traducción editorial'. Trans. Revista de traductología, 16, 49-64.

2011. 'Las condiciones sociales del juicio. Aportaciones al estudio de la recepción crítica de literatura traducida'. Quaderns. Revista de traducció, 18, 187-198.


Office Hours

Lecturer Tutorial Times
Start Date End Date Day Start Time End Time Location
17/02/2020 05/06/2020 Wednesday 14.00 16.00 09 (Associats), Ramon Llull

Subjects taught. Academic Year 2019-20

Subjects taught
Subject Degree/campus
21800 - Comprehension and Interpretation of Academic Texts in the English Language
20395 - English for Engineering
21826 - English Language VIII
22126 - Practical Classes I
21833 - Translation and Intercultural Mediation in Professional Areas of Tourism: E
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