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Dr Elena Baraza Ruíz

Dr Elena Baraza Ruíz
Senior lecturer
  • Despatx 1tercer pisGuillem Colom i Casasnovas


Brief CV

My scientific research began with the study of the interaction between herbivorous ungulates, mainly goats, and vegetation. The results of these ecological studies are the basis for the development of management and conservation plans. My doctoral thesis (2000-2004) was conducted under the guidance of Dr. José Antonio Hódar and Dr. Regino Zamora in Group Terrestrial Ecology at the University of Granada. We analyzed the effect of herbivorous ungulates on forest regeneration in the Mediterranean context. In its development, not only the factors that determine the selection of some small ruminant diet, but also the responsiveness of woody vegetation to herbivory was analyzed. During my stay at Utah State University I collaborated with FD Provence, one of the researchers who has provided more information in the field of diet selection of domestic herbivores. We examined into learning systems that allow herbivores maintain a proper diet and the potential impact this may have for vegetation. During my Postdoctoral stay at the prestigious Institute of Ecology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico under the mentorship of Dr. Alfonso Valiente, I developed the research project entitled 'Evaluation of natural resources to feed the goats and their effect on vegetation Tehuacan Valley (Mexico) 'supported by the Ramón Areces Foundation. We not only gained a greater knowledge about the diet selection of the domestic goat but its possible role as seed dispersers of important species, as diverse endemic endangered cacti. Such knowledge has been combined with analysis of possible improvements in livestock management. Currently I am part of the staff of Teaching and Research of the University of the Balearic Islands. I kept my research analyzing the interaction between vegetation and the two varieties of goats that live Majorca, Majorcan wild goat and feral goat. I participate in a two research projects and supervised a master's thesis and doctoral dissertation about this subject. But I have also diversified my research towards implementation of mycorrhizal fungi in agriculture. I leaded a regional project on its use in horticulture for tolerance to salt stress. Nowadays I participate in a European project analyzing the use of mycorrhizal in improving the cultivation of perennial grasses for biomass production


Office Hours

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Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
11228 - Field techniques and methodologies
11236 - Management and Restoration of Anthropized Ecosystems
11238 - Practical Placements
11239 - Master's Thesis
11668 - Experimental Design: Sampling and Data Processing
20108 - Basic Field Operations
20131 - Integrated Practices in Ecology
20140 - Global Ecology
22459 - Ecology Applied to Agriculture
22469 - Nursery Gardening
  • Degree in Food and Agriculture Engineering and the Rural Environment2021-22


Research groups

Group Membership type
Biology of plants under Mediterranean conditions Member
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