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Dr Joan Ribot Riutort

Dr Joan Ribot Riutort
Full professor
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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Brief CV

Biologist and Biochemist. PhD in Biochemistry with the European Doctor Mention and Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry.

I teach in the Biochemistry degree and in the University Master's and Interuniversity Doctorate in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition. I have been director of the University Master's in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition (2019-2020).

Researcher of the Nutrigenomics, Biomarkers and Risk Assessment (NuBE) research group of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Nutrition and Biotechnology (LBNB) of the UIB, of the Center for Biomedical Research in the Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition Network (CIBEROBN), initiative of the Carlos III Institute of Health, and of the Institute of Health Research of the Balearic Islands (IdISBa). Member also of the NutriGenomics Organization (NuGO).

My research focuses on the field of Molecular Nutrition and Molecular Physiopathology, more specifically in the study of the molecular mechanisms involved in the control by food components of cellular and metabolic processes in relation to the control of body weight , obesity and associated metabolic complications, cancer and aging. In addition, I am involved in the identification and validation of new biomarkers for the characterization and quantification of physiological functions related to nutrition and health.

I participate in several research projects and thematic networks financed with public funds and in collaboration with industry. Author of more than 50 original research articles, published in internationally prestigious journals, such as: Progress in Lipid Research, Diabetes, Endocrinology, Nutrients, International Journal of Obesity, American Journal of Physiology, Obesity Research, Journal of Endocrinology, European Journal of Cell Biology, FEBS letters. .. Also author of several book chapters and international reviews and of more than 100 communications at National and International Scientific Congresses and Meetings. I have co-directed 5 doctoral theses related to Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition. I have been Tutor of more than 25 End of Degree and Master's theses. Likewise, I have been Tutor of several grants for students collaborating in research tasks and students in company internships for students in the last years of the Degree.

I like history, protocol and learning to enjoy music and art.


Office Hours

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Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
10280 - Research Seminars in Nutrigenomics
10285 - Innovation and Development Seminars
  • Master's Degree in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition2020-21, 2021-22
  • Master's in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition2019-20
11255 - Bioactive and Functional Components of Food
11263 - Practicum
21503 - Molecular Biology and Metabolic Control
21508 - Integrated Laboratory I
21523 - Bioethics and Quality in Bioscience Laboratories
22703 - Biochemistry and Nutrition
  • Degree in Nursing (2016 syllabus)2020-21
23031 - Clinical Biochemistry
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