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Dr Paula Oliver Vara

Dr Paula Oliver Vara
Full professor
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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Brief CV

PhD in Biochemistry with European Doctorate Mention (2000). Full professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Co-PI of the research group 'Nutrigenomics, Biomarkers and risk Assessment' of the CIBER of Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBEROBN) and of the Health Research Institute of the Balearic Islands (IdISBa). Author of more than 60 articles in international peer-reviewed research journals, 2 books on nutrition and 5 book chapters (3 of them international). H-index: 25. Guest editor of the journals Frontiers in Physiology and Nutrients. Author of 4 patents (2 with international extension) and of a genomic license transfer agreement to Agilent Technologies, Inc. She has a total of 5 'sexenios' (i.e. 6-year periods recognized), 4 of research (last obtaineed in 2021) and 1 of transference (obtained in 2020, in the pilot call launched by the Spanish Ministery). She has presented more than 200 communications to international and national congresses. She has received 6 prizes to the best communication (SEEDO, 1999; Glaxo Smith Kline prize, 2003; SENBA, 2003, NuGO Conference, 2005; SENBA 2007; and SEEDO, 2018).

Her research is addressed mainly to the study of the effect of diet and diet compounds on health, with particular interest in the molecular mechanisms involved in body weight control (obesity). Currently, her research is focused in the search of early biomarkers of dietary unbalances and diet-related pathologies (mainly obesity and its medical complications) using blood cells (PBMC fraction). Moreover, she is involved in the study of obesity prevention by activation of the brown adipose tissue.

Responsible of several human studies (NUTRI-BLOOD; COLEX-TEST, BLOOD COGNI-MARK and POST-METAHEALTH) aimed to identify usefulness of blood cells to obtain biomarkers of nutrition and health. She has been involved in more than 40 research projects funded by the Spanish Government and other public and private entities. Currently, she is part of the 'coordination office' of the European project INTEGRactiv ('Identification and validation of integrative biomarkers of physical activity level and health in children and adolescents') in which she is also co-leader of the work package 'Epidemiological platform'. Previously, she was Spanish co-responsible, together with Prof. Andreu Palou, of the European project DIABAT ('Recruitment and activation of brown adipocytes as preventive and curative therapy') funded by the Seventh Framework Programme. She was also co-responsible of a research contract linked to the SMARTFOODS project, funded by CDTI (CIEN Program) and co-PI of the a CIBEROBN project, ONCOHEPATOBESITY-MARK. Currently she is co-PI of a project from the Synergia 2018 call founded by IdISBa, the METAHEALTH-TEST project. She is a founder member of the UIB spin-off company Alimentómica S.L., focused in the research and development of new components, technologies, and innovations to improve people's diet and health.

Pre- and post-doctoral research stays in different European research centres: National Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (1996), Hannah Research Institute (1998) and University of Ancona (2001). She has directed 6 doctoral theses.

Relevant expertise as evaluator (ANECA, DEA-ACC, AGAUR). Large teaching expertise (more than 3000 hours of official teaching in a total of 17 academic years). She was secretary of the Academic Commission of the inter-university doctorate on Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition (UIB-UPV-URV) and of the Quality Commission of this doctorate. More than 50 conferences in courses related to nutrition and obesity.


Office Hours

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Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
10269 - Molecular Nutrition
10275 - Nutrition and Pathology
10280 - Research Seminars in Nutrigenomics
20145 - Nutrition and Metabolism
20149 - Molecular Biology and Metabolic Control
21503 - Molecular Biology and Metabolic Control
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